Summer Lovin’: What to Wear to a Wedding this Season


No matter the dress code, summer weddings are hard to gauge. If outdoors: prepare for the heat. Indoors? Count on that AC blast!

Or maybe weddings just aren’t your thing and you don’t know what to wear, regardless of temperature, rain or shine.

Weddings should be fun and exciting, not a stress fest. If you’re a little lost on the dress code, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of versatile ideas to help stay comfy and celebrate the love.



Rock some color. A loose-fit, yellow floral dress is vibrant yet understated. Strappy sandals are all you need to own that soft, effortless summer look this wedding season. Add a simple clutch and you’re good to go.


A good one-piece works wonders and eliminates the stress of trying to match too many pieces together. An elegant jumpsuit can be a real—and pretty!—life saver.


Prints and frills are timeless. When you’re not sold on a dress color or shape, look for patterns that catch your eye instead. Subtle prints are graceful (and playful!).


Let your skirt steal the show. Light color play is perfect for summer. Pair with a simple top and pumps for maximum glam.


Keep it chic and smart. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, solid-colored dress. Opt for an interesting cut in a comfortable fabric and breathe easy.

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