Riding Along With Tinashe On Her Nightride


In 2014, Tinashe was riding the airwaves with 2 On which peaked at 24 on the Billboard U.S. Top 40 Chart. Since then, she has released countless singles from Ride of Your Life to All Hands on Deck to Superlove Player featuring Chris Brown.

With so much talent and artistry, Tinashe welcomed the high. She accelerated her journey to Joyride like a crazy taxi ride in downtown New York during rush hour. But in early 2016, the Joyride tour was cancelled not long after it started as priorities were shifted and Tinashe returned to the studio to work on the album itself.


With the other singles released successfully, we became more and more excited and impatient for Joyride to be finished. Fortunately, our cravings were satisfied when Tinashe announced her new project, Nightride.
Sonically, the latest offering from the RnB princess is as dark as the its title suggests. The mix-tape was produced by some major names such as The-Dream, Metro Boomin, and Boi-1da. Armed with a signature style, Tinashe’s soft, honey-like vocals and true-to-life lyrics created a 51-minute reverie that is reminiscent of her older mix-tapes.

It seems that Nightride is just one side of Tinashe— a darker, more sensual and pensive side—while Joyride may be contrary in lyrics and sound. Songs like Sacrifice are beautifully, sexually charged whereas Lucid Dreaming speaks of the self-empowerment in realizing one’s own dreams. Despite the rough Joyride era, we’re happy that Tinashe poured her emotion and heart into Nightride.

I recommend lighting a few candles as the sun sets or the rain falls. Then, press play and let Nightride take you away. Bon voyage.


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