Haircredible: 5 Humidity Fighting Hair Tips for Fine Hair


If you have fine hair, the right products are essential for adding some va-va-voom. The secret to truly voluminous, irresistible hair is to choose lightweight products that won’t weigh down your mane.

With Haircredible (HC), you have your pick of products that are super light and moisturizing. Oh, and bonus: Haircredible’s products come equipped with heat, humidity, and thermal protection.

Read on for your best hair yet—no matter the temperature!

1) Styling mousse – Mousse is the secret weapon for fine hair. An airy formula provides featherweight hold and creates gorgeous body. If your hair is straight and fine, skip the mousse and opt for a smoothing serum instead.

2) Use what your momma gave ya – Finger-comb your hair to eliminate tangles and allow your hair to air-dry naturally. To prevent frizz, keep your hands off. Avoid a product build-up this summer by applying a hydrating, humidity resistant leave-in conditioner. Try Haircredible’s Intense Leave-In Conditioner; it’s loaded with Pro Vitamin B5!

3) Protective styling is the go-to “thing” for summer hair care but such a strain on your strands can be damaging to fine, thin hair. Ease up on the curling, straightening, and sculpting and don’t forget to be especially kind to your ends!

4) It’s summer so I know going to the beach is on your radar. Coat your hair in some coconut oil while you’re out enjoying the sun and sand. This will prevent your hair from absorbing chlorine and salt water. Don’t forget to shampoo after to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

5) With summer comes frizz! Don’t panic, just moisturize. Why? If your strands are nourished sufficiently, then they won’t suck up any more added moisture from the atmosphere. This decreases swelling and fluff. Invest in a good, deep conditioner and fight that frizz.

Hot weather doesn’t mean you have to skip the sun and fun. Protect yourself and your hair this season with Haircredible’s line of heat-defense products. Go ahead: grab those flip flops and flaunt your locks this summer!

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