Foil Freckles Are the Latest Summer Beauty Trend


Freckles have always been adorable, but did you ever anticipate that they would become the new beauty trend of 2017?  We all remember, as children, sitting in front of a mirror and dotting our faces with fake freckles. Now, that sense of imagination is bursting onto the makeup scene in the form of foil freckles.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can help you perfect your freckles whether you want a more natural look or wish to play around with a more sparkly, eye-catching arrangement.

This festival season was all about the faux foil freckles. If you think unicorn highlights are extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet. Catch a glimpse of our favorite pair of freckled faces below:


Gather your best metallic eyeliners and get to work. Mr. Kate has a wide selection of metallic beauty markers if you need some inspiration. Glitter is another option for this flashy, stardust look. Many makeup artists opt for lightweight, delicate glitter brands for best results. If you plan on trying this trend, you might as well go all the way!



Perhaps looking like a disco ball isn’t exactly your thing, but we dig this bold, diamond-like look. If it’s still too much for you, stick with non-metallic faux freckles. Makeup experts use nude-colored eye and lip liners to carefully dot around facial features to create a more subtle, playful arrangement.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be outfit-only. Metallic freckles are fun, fearless, and just a little bit crazy. Are you daring enough to some fierce freckles this summer?

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