Dress Up Your Sneakers this Season!


It wasn’t so long ago when wearing sneakers anywhere (except on a hike!) was considered a fashion faux-pas…

But thanks to street style rule breakers, sneakers are officially ‘in’ this season. Mixing up the right elements of style can really make a sneaker-central outfit work.


Image via Pursuit of Shoes


Sticking to a casual ensemble is your best bet when using your sneakers as fashion accessories. Who knew your running basics could be hip and essential? Sticking to a simple set of staples is the perfect canvas for a sweet, comfy look.


Image via Steal the Look


There’s always the option to embrace the “slouchy-ness” that goes hand-in-hand with your favorite running shoes. Tailored pants and a casual sweater provide an easy way to look on-trend.


Image via Just the Design


Add some fancy elements to dress up your feet. Full sleeves under a textured sweater make for a fun look. A fringed scarf is a great way to top off a dressier look, too. You can switch out your jeans for a skirt or trousers for even more glitz and glam!


Image via Shoe Tease


Winter layers create a cozy and warm look. Stay on top of your fashion sense without sacrificing heat! Knit and wool layers call for simple, uncomplicated shoes.


Image via How to Chic


Ripped jeans help to create a modern, edgy twist on your casual footwear. If it’s already snowing in your area, patterned tights are a cute addition. Simply throw on a pair under your torn up jeans—and you’ll look effortlessly cool!

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